Job Satisfaction Important To Many Americans


Having a good paying job can help you formulate a solid financial plan. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the position, it might be time for a change. While a payday loan may help you fund any unexpected expenses until your next paycheck arrives, a recent survey reveals that knowing your career path can be very important.

According to a survey conducted by Accountemps, 54 percent of workers say knowing their career path is very important to their job satisfaction. Meanwhile, 31 percent said having this knowledge was somewhat important, while only 14 percent said it was not important at all.

Meanwhile, the survey also indicated that employees should discuss this information with their managers. If possible, try to find out the following:

• Where they see you going in the company
• What additional skills you may need
• Identify the key players inside the company you need to know

While your manager may not be able to tell you exactly where you will be able to move in the company, you could always discuss the prospect of a pay raise.

How To Ask For A Raise

Before you approach your superior, make sure you have leverage. This means having a good track record, posting solid numbers and being an intricate part of the workplace.

Meanwhile, try not to make it too personal. It’s unlikely that your manager is concerned about your financial situation at home, so don’t bring that into the equation. Instead, make sure you build a solid case of why your professional background deserves more money.

Timing Can Be Everything

If you have only been at the company for a couple of months, asking for more money might seem premature. However, don’t make the request based on time only. If your argument is strictly based on how long you’ve been at the company, your manager might view you as a timekeeper, rather than someone concerned about the progression of the company.

In addition, if you’ve recently made any major blunders in the workplace, you should probably hold off until you are on better terms with your superiors.…